Firefighter Airplane Used to Fight Forest Fire Outside Suburb of Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

The dry heat in Israel can be dangerous. On Sunday afternoon, a blaze broke out in a forest near Bet Shemesh. Israeli firefighters were on the scene.

Israeli Firefighters to the Rescue

A large brush fire broke out in a forest near a community called Tzur Hadassah, which is an area not far from Bet Shemesh. The Israeli firefighters worked hard to prevent the fire from spreading to the community itself. Firefighting planes were also used. No injuries were reported.

Israel’s dry heat often causes dangerous fires to break out and spread. But sometimes, there are other reasons the fires spread.

Terrorists and Arson Fires

Sadly, our Muslim neighbors have often times taken advantage of the dry heat in Israel, setting forests and communities ablaze. It is just horrific! We do not know if this fire was arson, but it is an unfortunate reality we live with in many cases of forest fires around Israel.

Is that was peace looks like? When the Muslims do things like that, it just shows what they really want: To destroy. And on top of that, ISIS has called for terrorists to do this arson-terror in countries around the world.

People can have different views in politics. But one thing that everyone should agree on is this: Arson is wrong, and it most definitely is not a step toward any type of peace.

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