Why Are These Israelis Mourning The Death Of A Terrorist?

by David Mark

Arabs in Shuafat mourned the death of the terrorist yesterday who killed IDF soldier Noa Lazar and tried to kill more yesterday.

The arabs that participated in the mourning are Israeli Arabs living in Jerusalem. They have full rights and work throughout Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Yet, these Arabs still support terrorism and the destruction of the Jewish State.

The question is why?

The fact is, while there are certainly loyal Israeli Arabs, many have bought into the faux nationalism of the “palestinian” movement. This growing animosity to Israel has festered for years and blew up in what is no known as the Ramadan uprising of 2021.

Israelis must ask themselves how to get out of the current conundrum, because the current status quo is no longer tenable. It was always assumed that increased prosperity would integrate the Israeli Arab minority. Many have been, but most have not. There are areas in Jerusalem that it is dangerous to walk because the same Israeli arabs that receive benefits from the state are prepared to throw rocks and glass bottles at Jewish bystanders’ heads as well as firebombs at cars.

This is exactly why Itamar Ben-Gvir’s popularity is rising. People are tired and they want basic protection, which no one on the left or even the center can figure out how to give them. The upcoming elections really are about the basics – security and safety. Most Israelis will choose to live and not abandon their lives to the false notion of peaceful coexistence. When the dust settles, Israel’s government must decide on how to handle the growing Israeli Arab rebellion or face another kind of revolt altogether.

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