Israeli Air Force Take off to Attack Terrorists in Gaza

by Avi Abelow

More than 350 rockets have been launched as of this moment from Arab Muslim terrorists in Gaza on to Israel. Israel’s South has been under attack, but not just. Rockets also were launched towards Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Iron Dome system knocked them mostly all of the rockets.

Israel is also getting ready to make history, recently debuting the historic laser technology based anti-missile system. The system is called Iron Beam.

Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems debuted its high-energy laser weapon system that will augment Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system for more modern threats.

Called the Iron Beam, the system is designed to neutralize a range of incoming targets — including unmanned aerial systems, rockets, artillery and mortar rounds — using a 100-kilowatt or more directed energy weapon, said Ran Gozali, executive vice president of Rafael’s land and naval division.

“We actually can focus the beam to the diameter of a coin in a 10-kilometer range,” Gozali said on the sidelines of the International Defence Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The trade show was the first time that Rafael unveiled a full-scale model of the Iron Beam.

The Iron Beam system will be a game changer, especially for longe range missiles from Iran and her proxies.

However, the best defense is a great offense. We are still waiting for the right leadership that will allow the IDF to go on the offensive and put a total end to the terror war from all terror factions in Gaza.

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