Israeli Air Force pilots answer Google’s most popular questions

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s not easy to become a pilot in the Israeli Air Force. Do you want to know what it takes? Are there female pilots? Here are the answers.

Being in the Israeli Air Force

It is definitely not easy to be in the Israeli Air Force. It takes time and dedication to complete the course. It takes motivation to continue on, especially when it gets difficult.

These are just a few of those who have graduated the recent class of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) Academy. It is interesting hearing them answer some of Google’s most searched questions about being in the Air Force. Maybe you didn’t know that there are female pilots. Maybe you didn’t know how many different types of pilots there are or what they do when they’re not flying. Of course, this is only a “fun” video that gives a small glimpse at IAF pilots. There is so much more to them. There is so much more to learn about them and what they do to help the one and only Jewish state.

Israel is unique because those defending it – whether as combat soldiers, pilots, soldiers in the Navy, or paratroopers – are defending their own families and their own borders. They are literally protecting their loved ones in such a real way because Israel’s enemies surround the physical borders of the land.

These young and dedicated pilots, soldiers, commanders, and more in the IDF deserve the utmost respect and recognition for all they do for the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.

Motivation for Terror
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