Israel Unveiled a Defense Weapon That You Won’t Believe is Real

by Leah Rosenberg

This is amazing! A robotic gun? No way! Israel’s defense weapon is like what you see in movies! You gotta check this out.

Israel’s New Defense Weapon

Wow. How cool is this robotic gun? The point of it is not to harm people. That is what the world needs to realize. Ideally, Israel does not want to kill anyone or harm anyone. Obviously, when terrorists are trying to hurt Israeli soldiers and Israeli citizens, Israel must defend itself with force. But Israel will also do its best to avoid those situations. And this new robotic gun is an example of that. The gun is non-lethal. It is simply a defense weapon to help stop “Palestinian” violence. Can anyone really criticize the Jewish state for creating such a thing? Israel should be commended for this! What country wouldn’t try to stop violence at its doorstep?

This is to be used when it is fitting for the situation. But again, if Israel needs to take a stronger form of action to protect its soldiers and its people, then it must. And it should not be demonized for doing so. Too many innocent Israeli lives have been lost. Too many Jewish people have been killed to just sit back and act without strength.

Israel is a truly remarkable country. It lives in the toughest neighborhood. How many other freedom-loving countries would be able to live in such a region? The world does not give Israel enough credit for all the good it does and for what it represents.

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