Israel, Ukraine, and the End of Europe As We Know It

by David Mark

Ukraine has always stood at the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe. Due to its location and agriculture resources it has always seen its territories carved up between different power. The Western part of Ukraine has belonged to Poland and the Eastern section to Russia.

The current conflict in Ukraine is a tinderbox ready to explode. The upsurge in violence in the Donetsk region threatens European stability and in a sense may lead to the real possibility of Ukraine being torn apart.

So why now?

The fact is, the Military Industrial Complex and the Deep State in America has always seen war with Russia as the best way to increase the need for more control and arm sales. They never liked the reduction in tensions former President Trump’s policies brought.

This is why tensions are rising. Ukraine is actively seeking NATO membership and regardless if it formerly receives membership or not, it has become a key part of the West’s plan to ratchet up tensions with Russia. While this may be a game in order to increase necessity for intervening along Russia’s borders, it is a dangerous game to play.

Russia understands that it cannot afford to be surrounded by NATO and will do what it feels is necessary to crush NATO’s continued deployment well before it becomes too late. If that means taking more of Ukraine, then it will waste no time in pushing further West.

Can Israel Stay Our Of It?

Israel has always tried to stay neutral between Russia and the West. However, the Ukrainian conflict tests this neutrality in a way it hasn’t had to deal with before. The further West Russia pushes, the closer Ukraine comes to a dismemberment. NATO will be forced to push in from Poland and rescue the Western leaning Lvov region and probably Kiev. Israel will have to decide whose side it is on. A decaying Western world or Putin’s Russia. While Western values are something Israel identifies with, Putin may be far more reliable moving forward.

In the world that is now forming, strength has become the most important ingredient to winning.

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