Israel Takes Out IRCG Officers In Syria

by Micha Gefen

The war against Iran and Hezbollah in northern Israel continues to heat up as Israel appears to have killed the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence chief for Syria and his deputy as well as two other Guards members in a surgical strike.

“The Revolutionary Guards’ Syria intel chief, his deputy and two other Guards members were martyred in the attack on Syria by Israel,” Iran’s Mehr news agency said, quoting an informed but unnamed source.

Although there has been no official confirmation from Israel, the Jewish State rarely comments on attacks it carries out in Syria. The IRCG has been using Syria as a base of operations to funnel weapons, including precision guided missiles to Hezbollah. 

The US has been trying to find a way to defuse the growing tensions on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon ands Syria. Israel has given diplomacy until the end of the month. Hezbollah started attacking Israel soon after Hamas carried out its October 7th pogrom.

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