Israel Set To Answer Iran’s Growing Drone Fleet

by Micha Gefen

Iranian proxies in Iraq were said to use Iranian made attack drones against America’s Victory base in the country. The successful attack has made it clear that Iran’s drone program is far more advanced and deadly than previous thought.

The Kamikaze drones, Iran used on Victory base are their latest development in their growing arsenal of UAVs. These UAVs are the same sort of weapon that Hamas was given to be used against Israel. In recent weeks, Iran has stepped up all types of attacks on US forces in Iraq. While the vast majority have been rocket and missile attacks, 7 attacks on US forces were carried out by Kamikaze drones.

From Gaza to Yemen, and all across Iraq, Iran has equipped their proxies with Kamikaze drones in order to both test and create an increasing sense of chaos in the region.

While the USA appears to be caught off guard about the severity of the new drone threat, Israel has been developing a possible solution. A new Israeli invention is an anti-drone laser system that is in its early phase of development that if successful would be added to the three tiered anti-missile system made up of Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and the Arrow.

With the Biden administration announcing that they are pulling out their Patriot Missile batteries from across the Middle East, Iran is gearing up to sweep across the region. Israel is now well positioned to fill the void.

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