From the Threat of Hitler to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

by Leah Rosenberg

The story of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is unlike any story you’ve heard before. Its journey is undeniably unique.

The Story of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

This amazing story of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is indicative of the strength and determination of the Jewish people. When they are told “no,” they come back bigger and better. And that is what happened when Hitler fired all the Jewish musicians of Germany. Bronisław Huberman decided to go back to his roots, his homeland – at that time called the British Mandate of Palestine – to create the orchestra.

Century after century, Israel’s enemies have tried to break it and destroy it. But they never succeed. Each time, the Jewish people come out stronger. They create more. They do not fall into a depression that prevents them from living.

All these great and powerful nations are no longer. The ancient Romans have ceased to exist. The ancient Greeks are nothing. But the ancient nation of Israel is the same nation that exists today. And a nation like that can never be broken.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is different than other orchestras. There is so much meaning behind its journey. There is so much to learn from its story and the way it began. This orchestra was originally made up of people who chose to never stop playing music despite what they experienced. And really that’s how the Jewish people as a whole act. They continue “playing” their “music” despite the challenges that arise. It is not always easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it.

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