NYC Mayoral Candidate Laughs When Asked about Omar’s Anti-Israel Comments

by Phil Schneider

Should it matter what a NY mayoral candidate thinks about Israel? What about the comments of an anti-Israel radical left congresswoman’s statements about Israel – why should this matter? It does – for a few reasons. But the first reason is that Andrew Yang has clear Presidential aspirations, and if so, his opinions are much more important than standard municipal considerations. Even though he just lost the Democratic primaries in NYC this is still very worrying.

Why would he be silent against anti-Jewish voices in his own Democratic party? Again, this is on top of him walking back his supportive comment of Israel during the recent Gaza war. Something got to him to shut up on standing up for Israel and the Jewish people. The growing anti-Israel mob within the Democratic party, maybe?

The #1 issue in America today is crime. The most important places where this is an issue are the cities where crime is rampant. Portland, New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, are just a few examples of places that are buckling under the stress of anti-cop policies. Crime is a given that can be calibrated by the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the police force. Today, the police are under attack via a “defund the police” movement that should really be called the “let us get away with murder” movement. There are leading voices today that want the 911 phone number to be answered by social workers instead of policemen. This a pro-chaos movement. It doesn’t take more than a fraction of a percent of the population to be dangerous criminals that are aloud to run loose to have chaos reign on the streets.

Jail reform is a high priority. But the solution is not to put less people in jails. To the extent that potential criminals are scared of penalties, they will think twice before committing crimes. Once they are in jail, they should be rehabilitated via reeducation programs. Jails should not be schools for learning more versions of crime. But without an effective police force, nothing will improve. Ilhan Omar and the Squad want more social workers and less policemen. They also want to support anti-Israel policies. The connection is not coincidental. It would be better to hear from Andrew Yang than to have him smile and walk away.

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