Horrific Lynch of Jew by Neighboring Arab Muslims in Acre Finally Being Addressed

by Leah Rosenberg

The police are finally investigated the lynching of a Jewish man by Arab Muslims in Acre in May. But the entire mob should be punished!

Arab Muslims Accused of Lynching

As of now, only three Arab Muslims have been accused of lynching a Jewish man in Acre/Akko. But many, many more were responsible and should be held accountable as well.

In May, Mor Janashvili was driving his car when he was attacked after the Arabs realized he was Jewish because of his Israel flags. They showed no mercy. They acted in ways that no one should ever see or experience. Rocks thrown at his car caused the victim to lose control and crash into a wall. When he came out of his car, the Arabs beat Janashvili with clubs and stones. They continued to beat him even after he was knocked to the ground. These vicious Arab Muslims could have killed Mor! But thank G-d, he was saved. They even completely burned his car after!

In fact, it was an Arab nurse who saved the life of Janashvili. Which shows that there CAN be coexistence. There can be peace. But both sides have to want it. And when mobs of Arabs are willing to lynch Jews on many occasions, mobs of ISRAELI Arabs, then it seems that one side is not ready for peace.

The ONLY way this will be stopped is if the Israeli authorities punish every single person involved in the lynch, including the Muslim religious leaders who were inciting the Arab Muslim mob to violence.

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