Israel Prepares To Attack Iran Sooner Than You Think

by Micha Gefen

In 1981 6 F-15s flew from Israel, across Saudi airspace and destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor. It was dubbed Operation Opera or Operation Babylon and it took Iraq and the world by surprise.

With the Biden administration moving closer to a final deal with Iran, General Kochavi has made it clear that Israel is preparing strike at Iran’s nuclear program. The Israeli strike on Iraq’s nuclear program in 1981 mean that Israel may not be bluffing. More than that, in 1981, Israel had yet to make peace with any of the Sunni Arab States.

Today it has serious strategic alliances with key members of the Sunni Gulf States like the UAE and Bahrain and a hidden working relationship with Saudi Arabia. This means it has the full backing of these very powerful countries.

Given the fact that Biden is not only handing Iran what it wants in the nuclear agreement, it is busy pulling out its umbrella of defense for the entire region. This means that is Israel needs to act, it must do so in the near future before Iran overruns the region.

So will we witness another Operation Opera?

Most likely not. Unlike Iraq, Iran has not placed its nuclear program all in one spot. This means that Israel may have to act in a far more clandestine manner, utilizing the UAE’s proximity as well as Kurdish areas to strike hard and deep into Iranian territory to ensure Iran’s program is not only damaged, but destroyed for good.

In the coming weeks to months expect a far more proactive Israeli set of actions and from various launch points with the sole purpose – destroy Iran’s nuclear program before it becomes fully operational.

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