Israel: Groundbreaking

by Ruth Lieberman

From the layers of historic dirt at the cutting edge of current archaeological excavations in the holy land, to the latest in cyber technologies at a Tel Aviv international conference, my week was complete.

We literally dug in early Tuesday morning, at the crack of dawn for this usually late riser, to catch as many digs in situ, as possible. By 6 am I was near Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, climbing into an underground layer of Second Temple period rooms, hearing first hand from an excited archaeologist on the game-changing road layout he was uncovering. Still more questions than answers, we listened eagerly and held artifacts just pulled out of the ground. Untouched by humans, buried in the Israeli soil some 2000 years, the glass or clay remnants felt like they had been waiting just for us. 

Our next sites gave us an opportunity to wander around and compare notes on what we’d heard or learned, with me eagerly hopping from area to area in an effort to connect the historical dots. Can’t share the photos here, but stay tuned. 

Standing in historic Jerusalem, speaking to us through its centuries of history; and atop an ancient tel’s layers of civilization with its commanding views in all directions – this is the stuff that makes for a deep love of the land. Connect through the soil, sift carefully so as not to disturb but use today’s methodologies to piece together a picture of biblical references. And don’t forget, this is your own heritage. Wow, I am still overwhelmed with gratitude for these opportunities to share excitement at tedious digging and historic puzzles. 

Fast forward to the next day, where I traded dusty hiking boots for high heels, to attend an 80-country international conference hosted by Israeli know-how and our best cyber experts. I admit I am technology-challenged, so today is all about learning new things. The packed audiences shared insight and took notes on each other’s ideas for cyber security. Conference participants were mainly young, and eager – not to mention hungry for the great food that was actually all kosher – another proud Zionist moment.. Highlights included a really cool new way to track movements using ‘intuitive AI’, and waiting for PM Netanyahu to take the stage and wow with Israel’s latest start-up-nation-isms. 

From its earthly history to the lofty technologies, Israel rules! And I highly recommend coming to visit, to be part of these literally ground-breaking experiences, all wrapped up in one little country. Oh, and bring your hiking boots and your high heels, you’re likely to need them both. 

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