Mass Protest Against Israel’s Draconian Mandates Killing Tourism

by David Mark

“Omicron” is here and with it the continued policy enacted by the Israeli government that closes Israel off to the world. While tourism opened slightly under the Netanyahu government, Bennett and his cabinet has continued to to keep Israel’s airport shut to the world.


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Israel’s continued closure of its skies has crippled the tourism industry. This not only affects tour guides, but all areas of the tourism industry such as hotels, transportations, and restaurants. With no sign of the industry bouncing back, tour professionals launched a large demonstration in Tel Aviv.

Aryeh Leifert, Tour Guide and Operator of Israel Insider Tours said the following about the event and the situation:

We are experts at marketing Israel to the world. We shape millions of people’s views of Israel around the world. This is much more We are experts at marketing Israel to the world. We shape millions of people’s views of Israel around the world. This is much more than a job to us – it is a calling. Let us work, let us help our country. We don’t want to be protesting on the streets of Tel Aviv and inconveniencing our fellow Israelis, we want to be showcasing our beautiful country to millions of tourists who are ready to visit, if only we would allow them to enter..

While “Omicron” is said to be moving through Israel’s populace, the effect appears to be nominal, with symptoms appearing more like a common cold. Along with this, is the growing movement of people refusing vaccines or boosters. This means that that Israel’s populace which used to be considered the most vaccinated in the world stands at only 45% vaccinated according to current definitions.

The change in Israel’s “vaccine” trajectory appears to be due to the fact that both injected and uninjected are getting sick and with all of the projected fear by Israel’s government, most people are that get COVID-19 fully recover.

Unfortunately, Israel’s government continues to decimate tourism over unfounded information that the latest. Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman recently said the following at a cabinet meeting: “As for travel agents and tour guides, it should be said: Start changing professions,” Liberman said during a Sunday cabinet meeting.

Today’s protest in Tel Aviv is part of the growing push back against Israel’s expanding COVID-19 mandates. The cabinet has also approved new restrictions on malls, restaurants, and other venues. Despite its passage, the populace continues to grow weary of policies that have no real aim other than government control.


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