With The USA On Retreat, Israel Can No Longer Rely On America To Protect It

by David Mark

No sooner than 48 hours after the US ran from Afghanistan, triggering a military and political debacle it may never recover from, Hezbollah issued renewed threats to Israel.

How could anyone blame Hasan Nasrallah. After all, a rag tag fighting force of 75,000 members of the Taliban defeated the greatest empire the world has ever seen. To make matters worse the Taliban captured more than a billion dollars worth of American military equipment and are holder thousands of Americans hostage. One can understand why Hezbollah believes that now is the time to strike.

The US is led by an elderly man who suffers from bouts of dementia and who is aided by a host of woke aspiring neo-marxist social justice warriors. They are all clueless about how the world really works. There is no doubt that this is an inflection point in world history. The USA is crumbling. Israel’s foes see this and want to take action. China wants to jump in as well and capture Taiwan.

While things may seem dark and chaotic and Israel feels alone – there is at the core of all of this a point where we must reach and that is the point of pure and simple faith that all fo the things we are witnessing is to bring all of the world to a level of salvation never witnessed in all of history.

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