SHADOW WARS: Israel Attacks Iranian Ships

by Gavriel Dan

The covert war between Iran and Israel has always been around. However, recent attacks on Iranian shipping by what appears to be the IAF is beginning to bring this war into the light.

An article in the Wall Street Journal claims that Israel has been actively targeting and destroying Iranian ships that are transporting oil and weapons to its proxies, most notably Syria.

Israel has yet to confirm, but given the increasing rhetoric between Tehran and Jerusalem, it is clear that this covert war is about to go public.

One of the reasons that Israel is targeting Iranian shipping is to prevent the radical regime from bolstering its forces in Syria as well as from strengthening Hezbollah’s hand against Israel’s heartland.

If confirmed, the scope of attack by Israel against Iran would reveal just how much the Jewish State is willing to go to stop its arch enemy and biggest threat from advancing upon it.

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