The Jews and Arabs who are changing the Middle East

by Leah Rosenberg

Welcome to MDA – Magen David Adom- where Jews and Arabs save lives together. If only the media showed you this.

Jews and Arabs Save Lives Together

The media often focuses on the relationship between Jews and Arabs. But do they focus on the positive relationships between them? MDA paramedics save lives together – no matter what their religion, gender, or ethnicity is. Saving lives is more important than politics. It is more important than what religion you associate with, what culture, and anything else.

But these Jews and Arabs do not just save lives together. They are really changing the entire Middle East. These seemingly small actions are significant to Israel as a whole. It shows that Israelis and Arabs can coexist without issues. It shows that they are not as different as the world makes them out to be. These two groups of people have a lot of common goals and beliefs. And the more they work together, the more peace comes to the region.

If Only the Media Showed You This…

Can you imagine how the world would view the relationship between Jews and Arabs if the media showed them clips like these? If the media told them about how they work together to save lives? Things could be very, very different. People would stop thinking that Israel mistreats Arabs. People would stop thinking that Israelis and Arabs always hate each other and cannot find a common ground. They could definitely find a common ground – if they are only given the chance.

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