Did Israel Assassinate Two Iranian Scientists?

by David Mark

Ayoub Entezari, 35, and Kamran Aghamolaei, 31, both scientists in the Aerospace division in Iran, died just days apart with a distance of 300km between them. Iran suspects that they were poisoned by Israel.

Reports from Iran say that Entezari fell ill in late May right after going to a dinner organized by a long-term acquaintance in his home town of Yazd, located in central Iran. He was brought to an intensive care unit at a local hospital as his symptoms worsened. Entezari he died on May 31, the New York Times reported.

Iran called Entezari’s death “biological terror.”

Aghamolaei, also fell ill in late May after returning from a business trip to Tabriz, which is located in northern Iran. He reported having ‘intense’ nausea and diarrhea. He was brought to a hospital after his symptoms worsened. He died on June 2nd.

Israel has yet to comment on the attack. While it would be hard for the Mossad to pull off these sorts of attacks, it is not impossible. There have been a string of assassinations in Iran recently. All of them have been allegedly carried out by Israel.

Iran is livid and is looking to find a way to revenge these attacks. Turkey is seen as the weakest point where Israelis go on vacation. As of now Israel is urging all Israelis to leave Turkey as a known Iranian plot to assassinate Israelis has come to light.

Is this the end or just the beginning of Iran’s revenge?

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