Israel Assassinates Iranian General, Iran Prepares To Strike Back

by David Mark

Israel sent shockwaves throughout the Middle East when it killed Brig. Gen. Razi Mousavi, an Iranian general stationed in Syria yesterday.  Using three missiles, launched from IAF jets, Israel assassinated the IRGC general who was in charge of arming both Syria and Hezbollah with Iranian weapons.

In a statement carried by Iranian media, the IRGC confirms Brig. Gen. Razi Mousavi, a senior military adviser in Syria, was killed in a strike near Damascus. Mousavi has been the highest profile IRGC target to killed since Trump ordered the assassination of Qasem Soleimani in 2020, the head of the IRGC at the time.

Iran has vowed to respond Mousavi’s death.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the assassination of Mousavi showed weakness on the part of Israel.

“This act is a sign of the Zionist regime’s frustration and weakness in the region for which it will certainly pay the price,” Iranian media quoted Raisi as saying.

“The usurper and savage Zionist regime will pay for this crime,” the IRGC said in a statement read on state TV.

The attack is a serious escalation between Israel and Iran. With the US apparently fumbling its Red Sea mission, Israel is in a sense on its own and cannot rely on the Biden administration to do anything but claim that it is forcing Israel to “comply” with its absurd rules of engagement.

Israel’s killing of Mousavi is round 1 in the Jewish State’s attempt to take proactive measures against the Iranian regime’s foothold in the Levant. The ball is now in the Ayatollah’s hands on how he wants to proceed against Israel. If he is true to his word, expect Israel’s already active Northern Front to blow completely open in the coming days and weeks.

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