Israel above original plan for daily Coronavirus vaccinations

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s miraculous that G-d gave modern science the ability to produce vaccines. And Israel is off the charts with its Coronavirus vaccinations.

Coronavirus Vaccinations

A year ago, the world could not even imagine Coronavirus vaccinations being given out in such quantity. Nobody knew when a vaccine would be produced. But G-d blessed modern science and gave researchers the ability to develop a vaccine to save millions of lives. This is truly unbelievable if you take the time to think about it. We have all been praying for the day when life can go back to “normal” – or BETTER than normal. Hopefully, people will take the strength and lessons they learned during this challenging time and bring it into this new era.

Families haven’t seen each other. Grandparents haven’t hugged their grandchildren. And this vaccine gives hope to the entire world that life can get better again; that people don’t have to fear contracting a virus and spreading it to the vulnerable population.

Don’t Forget about G-d

Through all the modern advancements that exist in the world, we must not forget about G-d. We must not forget Who has allowed modern science to develop a vaccine. Yes, we must thank those who have worked their hardest to stop COVID-19. But we must always turn to G-d and thank Him for allowing the healing to come into the world relatively quickly.

And the fact that Israel, G-d’s land, is vaccinating its population at such a fast rate is no less miraculous! Everything is from the One Above.

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