Chinese professor leaks a massive secret about the US government

by Phil Schneider

Is their a conspiracy from the Chinese Communist Party to dominate the United States financially? Is this the beginning of more sinister plans from the Chinese Communist Party?

Tucker Carlson blows apart some of the myths about the Chinese threat to the United States and the Western world. Is it possible that there are truly deep connections between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party? This is scary stuff. But is it just some crazy conspiratorial ideas? Just a few years ago, most of this would have been dismissed by most people. Today, after more than a billion people have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic that has largely shut down the world for the better part of 2020, people are more willing to lend an ear to concerns about China. After all, China was the source of the pandemic and according to nearly everybody, hid the dangers for months, causing the pandemic to spread exponentially.

It is not perfectly clear today, but it is much more plausible than it used to be, to assume that the Chinese threat is the #1 threat facing the Western world today. What is interesting is that it was Donald Trump who will probably go down in history as the President who changed the main focus from Islamic terrorism and Russia to China. He perceived – probably correctly – that China is the #1 threat. It is too early to judge. But with every passing day, it sure seems more likely that the China concerns are well founded.

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