Is This US News and World Report a Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy?

by Phil Schneider

Has Israel’s emergence as a world leader in so many things today been foretold? It is very hard to argue otherwise. But there are many things about Israel today that are in the realm of prophecies that are unfolding.

One of those things that are perhaps underrated is the level of happiness that most people in Israel have. It would seem to be a total shocker to so many people who have adopted the Arab-Israeli conflict as the essential aspect of life in Israel. After all, don’t so many people in Israel live in fear or at least in a state of tension?

The overwhelming number of people though respond otherwise. Actually, all that needs to be done is to walk down the street in many cities of Israel and one will see that many people look quite content and happy. Of course, there are many things that need repair in Israel. But the bulk of the people in Israel live family-oriented, religiously oriented lives. Those two things – the breakdown of the family lifestyle and the weakening of religious connection, are tearing apart Western societies.

Israel is strengthening on both of these levels. The US News & World Report rankings are limited in scope. But on so many levels, Israel is a thriving modern-ancient country that is a marvel on every level of ranking.

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