Cab Driver Drops Unbelievable Prediction about Netanyahu

by Leah Rosenberg

It is insane to hear a cab driver in America saying something like this about Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. You’ll be shocked.

Is Netanyahu Ushering in the Final Redemption?

These comments from a cab driver in America are remarkable. Netanyahu is back as the prime minister of Israel. And there is a reason for it. This is what G-d wants at this time. And this cab driver believes it’s because Bibi is fulfilling prophecies.

Who knows what’s going to be? But we definitely know that we are nearing the final days. We know that Netanyahu and his government are doing more to follow G-d’s words than most if not all previous governments.

It is such a stark contrast to hear people like this cab driver speak and then to hear Bibi-haters blast Netanyahu and spread lies. The Left believes the end of the world is coming – for the bad. This cab driver believes the Messiah is coming – for the good. The two mindsets could not be more different!

One thing is for sure – whatever G-d’s plan is, He will make that plan happen. He controls the world, and we have to believe that everything is for the best. Many surprising and shocking things happen in the world – seemingly good and seemingly bad things. But ultimately, everything is good.

Let’s pray that what this cab driver said will happen – that Bibi Netanyahu will bring the Messiah and that the redemption will happen speedily in our days! Who knows? Maybe this cab driver is right!

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