NYU Professor at WEF: mRNA Covid Vaccine is a Gene Editing Technology

by Avi Abelow

We were always told that mRNA vaccines are not a form of gene therapy. Well NYU Professor Amy Webb just said differently at the World Economic Forum

Her presentation is labeled as “Rewriting the code of life: Gene editing technology will allow us to redesign whole organisms. Professor Webb clearly explains that mRNA technology “edits genomes and writes a new code for life”.

This actually follows what the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy clearly states on its website in an article titled “Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates Show Gene Therapy is a Viable Strategy”, with the subtitle that clearly states “findings from Moderna and Prizer demonstrate that gene therapy is a viable strategy for developing vaccines to combat COVID-19. “

So, why are we being told that these covid vaccines are NOT a form of gene therapy, when they clearly are?

Let’s now take a deeper look at Professor Webb.

Professor Webb is the author of a book called “The Genesis Machine“.

She writes the following about her book:

What if the miracle that created mRNA vaccines is less a once-in-lifetime event and more the harbinger of the emerging age of synthetic biology? This fusion of biology and computers has a singular goal: to gain access to cells in order to write new––and possibly better––biological code.

Again, isn’t “gaining access to cells in order to write new biological code” a form of gene therapy?

Professor Webb is a futurist, author and founder, CEO of the Future Today Institute. 

She is describing in awe how mRNA technology will change the future of so much of what we know because it allows man to change, or recreate, what is already created. She looks favorably upon this while trying to explain that it actually doesn’t change our DNA because the messenger RNA is like a ‘disappearing Instagram story”, her words, not mine.

Now here is what Professor Webb wrote back in December, 2021 in a WIRED article about mRNA technology and the covid vaccines:

These variants are now considered by some to be a new branch on the tree of life—one where humans redesign and shape novel species. This level of control unlocks huge new opportunities. We’ve already had a glimpse of one, in the form of messenger RNA, found in the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. Lab-manufactured mRNA delivers a set of instructions to cells that help them thwart the virus’s attack. This approach—using synthetic RNA—is far more effective and adaptable than long-standing vaccine protocols. In effect, Moderna and BioNTech are crafting genetic instructions that can be written like software and packaged into the equivalents of nanoscopic USB drives. Once these biological drives are inserted into cells, those cells dutifully download mRNA instructions, translating a string of letters into a protein. The mRNA is then (metaphorically) ejected, and the cells produce certain components of the coronavirus in order to kick-start the immune system. Such vaccines would potentially be safer and easier to control, because unlike gene therapies, which can lead to permanent or even inherited genetic changes, mRNA only exists in our cells ephemerally, like a disappearing Instagram story. These vaccines for Covid-19 are just the first of many wonders that tomorrow’s bioeconomy will create.

Using mRNA, scientists could instruct the body to build up its immunological defenses to find and kill cancers. Long before they were making Covid-19 vaccines, both Moderna and BioNTech were researching just that. After analyzing a tissue sample from a cancerous tumor, the companies run genetic analyses to develop custom mRNA vaccines, which encode protein-containing mutations unique to the patient’s tumor. The immune system uses those instructions to search and destroy similar cells all throughout the body. BioNTech is currently in clinical trials for personalized vaccines for many cancers, including ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and melanoma. Moderna is developing similar cancer vaccines. Both companies understand that the most powerful drug factory on Earth may already be inside you. We just need to figure out how to harness it.

Back in December 2021, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of mRNA technology and he said this to me that the mRNA covid vaccines have proven the mRNA technology a failure.

One can watch the whole fascinating interview here.

To sum up, the medical industry lied to us that mRNA vaccines are not a form of gene therapy.

Futurists, like Professor Webb, are excited specifically about the possibility that mRNA technology allows mankind to change our genes.

And at the same time, an inventor of this mRNA technology says that it has failed.

My prayer is that more people start paying attention to what is going on and stick with mother nature, as we were created, over man’s attempts to act like the one above.

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