Is This Jaw-Dropping Talmudic Prophecy about the End of Times Happening Now?

by Leah Rosenberg

This Talmudic prophecy describes the world today. While we might not know anything for sure, it reminds us that G-d is protecting us.

Mind-Blowing Talmudic Prophecy

It can sometimes feel like the world is going up in flames. Israel is at war, people worldwide are going against Biblical values and G-d, and evil regimes want to take over and destroy everyone in their way. Although things can feel uncontrollable, we must remember that the One Above controls everything. This Talmudic prophecy is a good reminder of that.

It gives us hope. Whenever we feel discouraged, we must turn to the Bible and the words of our sages. All the answers for us are there. Everything that happens in this world is less scary if you truly feel and know that G-d controls it all. He does everything for the best. He will never forsake His people. And that is a comforting perspective.

G-d has never broken His promises to the Jewish people. He will fulfil everything He has said. It is not a matter of IF but rather a matter of WHEN.

We pray the completion of the final redemption comes soon. We are living in unbelievable times. In the meantime, we must keep spreading G-d’s message to the world. We must keep our heads held high and know that G-d is looking after the Jewish people. There is no other way to explain how the nation of Israel is still here after thousands of years. Just study some Jewish history, and you will be left in awe.

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