What is the True Nature of Israel’s Arab Parties?

by Phil Schneider

Dr. Mordechai Kedar exposes how the Arabs in the Middle East view their political activities against Israel. He explains that the key word is “jihad.” Their is political jihad, economic jhad, arson jihad, and even construction jihad. The key is to fight the existence of the Jewish Nation in the Land of Israel and spread Islam across the world.

The goals and objectives of the Arab political parties in Israel’s Knesset are to destroy the State of Israel. But Israel still allows them to serve on Knesset committees. “Hamas, Al Qaeda and ISIS are all sons or grandsons of the Muslim Brotherhood.” This is quite a statement from Dr. Keidar that exposes the real motives of Israel’s Arab Knesset members.

So are all of the Arabs in Israel remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood? Aren’t there any Arabs that Israel can make peace with? Yes. There are Arabs that Israel can make peace with. They are actually a growing minority. But they are largely scared to come out in public in order to stay alive.

The Abraham Peace Accords were the first major sea change that show that there can be a peaceful future between Israel and it’s Arab neighbors. But it is just the first step. It will be quite a while till Israel has a pro-Israel Arab party in it’s Knesset.

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