Is Kamala Harris The Worst Vice President?

by Phil Schneider

This video is an attempt to take down Kamala Harris as a potential Presidential candidate due to her being a non-serious politician . Unfortunately, there is much true about the claim. Kamala Harris is indeed not fit to be President on many levels. But, with Joe Biden’s apparent failing health, the odds of Kamala Harris actually sitting in the Oval Office are quite high, so it is worth discussing.

It is my opinion that it would be better for the United States of America to have Kamala Harris in the Oval Office than Joe Biden. Joe Biden is not so easy to hate. He is after all, a friendly kind of guy who is clearly experienced enough to be President. But he is also struggling to keep his faculties while he runs the country. So, the opposition to him has not been that united. Right wingers don’t hate Biden as much as progressives hate Donald Trump. Most people assume that Biden will walk away in the coming year or two and not even finish off his term, so why fight against him.

But Kamala Harris could surround herself with heavyweights with much foreign policy experience and try to laugh her way out of most tough situations. She would probably be a puppet of Obama much like Joe Biden seems to have been. But more than any previous President, she will not engender much respect from foreign leaders. This will provoke the dictators and aggressors to act. The world will face threats that it has not seen since World War II.

Like many weak Presidents, she will try diplomacy, probably fail, and end up having to bring back the draft in order to be fair about who shoulders the burden in world affairs. This will probably shock Americans into a major protest movement and lead a massive turnaround from the progressive policies that are plaguing America today. Kamala Harris is not just one heartbeat away. She is one medical diagnosis away, and there is a very good chance that the diagnosis has happened and is being covered up in order to bring Kamala into the Oval Office at the most opportune time. This may be right before or after the mid-term elections. But it is doubtful that Joe Biden will make it till 2024.

Dr. Risch

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