Watch The UN Sing Dayeinu At Leil Seder

by Phil Schneider

The Dayenu song is one of the most famous songs of the night of Passover. How proper and ironic that at the United Nations, it was sung. The United Nations has been the scene of so many anti-Israel decisions and actions over the last few years. It is fitting that there should be a praise of God at the United Nations, even if it is a merely symbolic statement.

The United Nations should be a place where peace is not just spoken about, but featured. The people who should be speaking to the world via the UN should be role models for how the world can live peacefully one another. There should be world famous people who are featured to the world who should be giants of spirit who transcend their country’s interests.

If the UN was a place where human rights were not just discussed with empty language by representatives of countries with poor human rights records, but a place where ethics are on display via role models from each country.

We are nowhere near where we need to be, but there is hope for a change in the UN. But it must be a total change, not a cosmetic change.

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