Iranian TV Show Features Underground Iranian Missile Base

by Avi Abelow

Masses of Iranians are protesting in the streets against the Islamic regime, literally calling for the death or resignation of the Islamic leaders. In addition, the Iranian Islamic leadership is in the crosshairs of President Trump, following the precision strike killing their strategic military leader, arch-terrorist General Soleimani. It seems that the leaders of Iran want to boost the morale of Iranians so they organized a special tv program on state TV exposing, what they say to be, “one of the many Iranian underground missile bases”.

Is this really one underground missile base of many? Might this be the only one? We don’t know. However, this is what we do know:

  1. Iranians, the creators of chess, are experts at using lies and propaganda as part of their psychological warfare, as they are always focused on the long game.
  2. This underground missile base looks extremely sophisticated.

Any other conclusion about this video is just conjecture.

Is Iran a danger? Of course it is. How dangerous exactly? We don’t know. But when a country’s leadership calls to destroy the United States, as well as Israel, while creating chaos in neighboring Arab/Muslim countries across the Middle East and trying to build nuclear weapons, one does not have the privilege to take any chances.

We do know that Iran not only poses a threat to freedom-loving people around the world, including Muslims and minorities in the Middle East, but a daily threat to Iranian citizens who just want to live as free people, free of the Islamic regime’s brutal theocracy that runs their lives.

Arab Incitement
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