Iran is the Puppet Master Behind the Massive Gaza Rocket Attacks on Israel

by Avi Abelow

Islamic Jihad shot over 100 rockets and mortars on Israeli civilian areas today. Islamic Jihad is an Iranian backed organization. While the conversation has revolved around Islamic Jihad, it is really Iran that is behind all these rocket attacks.

What is Going On

Iran finds itself in a very unique geo-political position right now. This is all thanks to the brilliant diplomacy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Netanyahu’s diplomatic moves  are thanks to a very supportive Trump administration.  But, Netanyahu also developed a good working relationship with the Putin administration in Russia.

Military Success Over Iran

The past few months Israel, unofficially, has made multiple strikes on Syrian air force bases to destroy Iranian war capabilities inside of Syria. While Israel never involved itself in the Syrian civil war,  Israel made clear that it will forcefully act against Syria if they endangered Israel.  All of this takes place right on Israel’s Northern border which endangers Israeli citizens. The recent attacks on Syrian soil were an application of that doctrine.

Iran in Syria

Iran has basically taken over Syria.  With Russian assistance, the Iranians helped Assad stay in power. Iranian forces were in Syria to assist Assad. For Iran, this was not about helping Syria.  But it was about gaining territory closer to Israel, to accomplish her goals and destroy Israel. Over the past year, Iran developed its military capabilities on Syrian soil. Israel would not allow that. With US and Russian coordination, Israel systematically destroyed all of Iran’s military capabilities on Syrian soil.

This was not an easy feat at all, in a very complicated geopolitical situation, but PM Netanyahu has done it.

Diplomatic Victory Over Iran

Just this week we find out that Netanyahu also succeeded in developing a deal with Putin in forbidding Iran from having any forces on Syrian soil. This is a huge achievement. Iran and Russia have been partners in the Syrian conflict. Today, Netanyahu has succeeded in driving a wedge in the alliance between Iran and Russia, and making it more difficult for Iran to use Syrian soil to attack Israel in the future.

Islamic Jihad and Hamas

Which leads us to today. While Islamic Jihad is an Iranian organization, the Hamas gets financial support from Iran as well. Iran is the puppet master of both.

Pushed against the wall in Syria thanks to Israeli military achievements and now the diplomatic achievements, it seems Iran is using its proxies in Gaza to still hurt Israel and remain relevant.

Where this will lead we still don’t know, but so long as the Islamic Mullahs of Iran remain in power, they will continue to do what they can to destroy Israel.

Thank You PM Netanyahu

In the meantime, we are grateful for Prime Minister Netanyahu leading a brilliant diplomatic strategy against Iran.

If only Netanyahu can now also focus on destroying the whole terror network in Gaza so that Israel and all Gazan Arabs who want to live in peace with Israel, can do so. We are all suffering from the continued terror.

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