Iran is Shaking With Fear After Bibi Publicly Said This

by Phil Schneider

“A credible military threat or an actual military action.” These are the key words uttered by Prime Minister Netanyahu that define how he thinks Iran’s attempt to build nuclear weapons can be stopped. But, he made it perfectly clear that those two things are what allow sanctions to do the job. Without it, sanctions do’t really have the teeth to make a deep impact and stop the buildup.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been saying the same things about Iran for nearly 30 years. Actually, he was saying these things for 10-15 years prior to his election as Prime Minister. One of the first things he did when he was a young politician in his 30’s was the publication of a book concerning how to conduct the war on terror.

Netanyahu had a unique vantage point to approach the issue. He was a young former elite commando in the IDF who fought the war on terror with his hands and a victim of terror who’s older brother was killed leading the famous Raid on Entebbe to free the 101 Jewish prisoners from a hijacked plane.

“Listen to what the politicians say.” This seemingly obvious advice is often overlooked. But there is no issue that Netanyahu has been so steadfast on than the “stop Iran’s nuclear weapons” issue. There have been countless actions that Israel has taken against Iran. But there has not been a massive bombing raid on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. This term of office for Netanyahu may just be the time that it will happen. But it will probably happen after the 2024 elections. Bibi would rather have a Republican White House if he decides to attack.

His persistence has served him well electorally. Understandably, most of the Israeli electorate is gravely concerned about a nuclear attack from Iran. Netanyahu reassures the electorate that he is on top of this issue. The electorate repays him by reelecting him time and again. The threat and the man to deal with the threat are indeed a match that will be studied in history books for many generations.

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