You Have to See the World’s Oldest Hebrew Bible

by David Mark

Wow! Can you believe how old this Hebrew Bible is? And how much its estimated worth is – remarkable!

The Oldest Hebrew Bible in the World

It is amazing that this Hebrew Bible was perserved the way it was. This is not a few decades old. It is not even a few hundred years old. A Hebrew Bible that is over a thousand years old? Amazing! You can’t make this stuff up!

Of course, you cannot put a price on G-d’s word. His Torah is invaluable. You can’t put a price on G-d’s commandments and following His ways. But the fact that it is estimated to be auctioned for so much money shows how valuable people think G-d’s word is. The Torah matters. Otherwise, the auction for the Bible wouldn’t be estimated to go for that much.

Reading G-d’s Bible and studying His commandments is crucial. We exist to serve G-d and follow His mitzvot, His commandments. It is remarkable to think about how old this Hebrew Bible is. Jews have been keeping G-d’s mitzvot for thousands of years. Judaism is not a new invention. The Jewish people are an ancient people with an ancient homeland. A thousand years is old, but the Torah and Judaism go back way more! The time period of this Bible is another link in the long chain of Jewish history.

Let’s keep filling in those links from all of Jewish history as well as adding more links with the continuation of Jewish history.

This auction is definitely going to be interesting!

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