Inside Biden’s Head: The Parody That Will Have You on the Floor Laughing

by Phil Schneider

This parody is cruel, but so true. The reason that it is so funny is that it truly is an accurate expression of what is truly going on inside of the mind of the suffering Joe Biden. There is not very much that is new about this video, but it truly reflects the absurd reality that is the state of the United States today. The elder abuse show that Joe Biden and Democrat leaders have decided to hoist on the world is truly dispiriting. Only satire can accurately depict how absurd things are. 

Truth be told, Joe Biden has actually survived the first 3.5 years of his Presidency rather well considering his situation. The challenge of keeping it together as President while ailing has probably been beneficial to his own health. He has not been able to “take it easy” all that much, and that is generally speaking a good thing for a person with memory struggles.

But the world is a much more dangerous place today, largely due to the ineptness of Joe Biden. Donald Trump’s claim that Putin would not have invaded is probably true. Trump’s claim that Hamas would not have invaded is perhaps more debatable. But the big question is China invading Taiwan. The odds that China invades certainly go up when Joe Biden is in the Oval Office. If Biden or Kamala Harris is President come January 2025, World War III will probably be at our doorstep.  

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