Indian-Chinese Tensions Rise As The Wuhan Virus Fallout Spreads

by Ravi Pardeshi

As of today more than 350k lives have been lost across the world to the deadly coronavirus officially known as SARS- Covid-19. The virus is still pretty much active and this pandemic will continue to take more lives in the coming days and months.

Apart from the human loss this hideous virus has also taken its toll on the global economy and there are already talks of the situation getting worse than the great depression of the 1930s. None from this current generation would have ever imagined in their wildest of dreams to face such a deadly situation ever in their lives. However, SARS Covid-19 is on our face now as a clear, present, and an evolving danger. With the global grief getting more heart wrenching by the day, the global rage is also growing by the day to nail the culprits behind the loss of the lives of their loved ones and livelihoods of millions across the world.

The Culprit.

The focal point for all of this grief and misery takes us to Wuhan from where it is alleged that the new coronavirus spread. Wuhan level 4 bio lab is in the center of this controversy and the “conduct” of the CCP at the center of this global rage. Although there aren’t any legally admissible concrete evidence to nail Beijing for hatching this pandemic conspiracy, we can be rest assured that there are enough circumstantial evidence to crucify Emperor Xi.

We are yet to ascertain whether this strain of coronavirus has been mutated in a lab under some vile biological war program or its spread relates to any accident or an act of callous derelict behavior. What we do know is that it originated from Wuhan and spread across the globe. What we also know is how China refused to cooperate, used WHO to send misleading information about the Human to Human transmission. It also fudged the number of deaths leading the world to become a little laid back in their response.

There are no prizes for guessing as to why China ordered scores of medical equipments especially masks and PPE kits from across the world, hoarding them, only to sell them back at premium rates and that too defective items almost making a mockery of international cooperation and with it perhaps mocking the call of humanity in such terrible times. It only points out to the logical conclusion that Beijing knew about the monstrous nature of this virus but hid it from the world.

Chinas role has been suspicious from day 1 and it is not incorrect for the world body to call for investigations into the origin of this global pandemic that has created this massive global humanitarian crisis and the sufferings are not yet over.

The Door and the Latch

Within all these crisis there is another crisis on the boil and another one brewing the one in Hong Kong and the other one between China and Taiwan. With the re election of Tsai Ing-wen as president, the Taiwanese thorn has just pricked the CCP deeper than what they would’ve wanted and hit the core of the “One China” policy. Beijing knows better that people will never choose Atheist Communism over a Belief Founded Democracy. In the midst of all these Global backlash over Chinas role in this evolving world crisis, the Dragon in Ladakh has again dared to play it’s old games of the Salami Slicing tactics completely forgetting that there are new players in the opponents camp with better tactics and an unmatched resolve to match aggression for aggression and such tactics are bound to fail just like it did in Doklam. In my last analysis I had clearly mentioned that China lacks global perception and now with its role in this pandemic it has closed the global doors for itself.

I always say that ” New Delhi is the only get out door for Beijing.” However, after unleashing this misery affecting the lives of a billion Indians and on top of that supplying us substandard medical equipment, China has closed this last door of hope for itself and now with this unprovoked current border bullying they are only risking closing the last latch. This will happen quicker than they may have thought before they made the move. It is a given that this border standoff may get a little longer and with a hideous PLA who invaded us after chanting “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai” we can certainly say that such border bullying will happen every now and then and Nepal releasing new Maps to show Indian territories as theirs was actually a prelude to this latest border standoff in Ladakh.China using Nepal to challenge our territorial integrity and PLA with its border bullying has now challenged Bharat’s sovereignty. This aggression is only rubbing salt to the Indian people still grappling with their woes of losing lives and livelihoods.

The Emperor and the Yogi.

Beijing should have accounted for how India would respond to such aggression during the Doklam standoff that lasted for nearly 72 days. Emperor Xi’s counterpart Narendra Modi and his Nationalist BJP  Government in the center are no pushovers. Hon. Prime Minister Modi, unlike Emperor Xi is a Yogi having not just an incorruptible aura but this character and conduct has made him the heartthrob of more than a billion Indians. The problem with the CCP and its emperor is that there is a deep divide between the ruling elites and the common Chinese people. Propaganda could only get them so far, but in this highly engaged world only truth  prevails in the end. In my previous analysis on Doklam I had clearly stated that China with friends like a demented Pakistan and a schizophrenic North Korea has put itself in the list of being called as a Global Pariah.

Now with the Coronavirus mayhem and their subsequent foul plays China has now not only become a Global Pariah but is also topping that list. Bharat under the Modi ji has not only a great perception but also a massive goodwill amongst the world community. The Indian Prime Minister’s followers have not been bought but they’ve been won. Such is the support for him that any country challenging our Territorial integrity and National Sovereignty will be facing the wrath of Billion strong resurgent Indians who will fight to the last bullet and the last man. China must not take New Delhi lightly by any stretch of imagination as the current dispensation at the helm will not just  match up Man to Man on the borders but they will also match tactics to tactics behind the scenes.Knowing the Chinese, they use aggression as a negotiating tool. However if Xi thinks that he will be able to force an agreement on something that suits their private interests then he has a misguided sense of judgment of how Modi plays his cards. This is not the Nehruvian Era where such strong arm tactics could work. For the Communist Chinese emperor People are Policy driven but in the Democratic Modi era Policies are driven by the People. 

The Schemer and the End Game.

Now the other most important person to watch out for is the Indian NSA Shri. Ajit Doval. During the last years crisis he played an important role scheming a face saver for Beijing and he is again in action. With diplomatic channels working out on solutions to end the ongoing standoff in Ladakh, we can safely assume that this will end again in a peaceful manner but it again is not a guarantee that new fronts wont be opened up by China in different sectors on our stretchy mountainous border.China must realize that it cannot live in isolation and survive for long. However having said that all the moves made by Beijing that we can see are only indicative of China playing sick and the number of countries putting China in a diplomatic and economic quarantine is growing by the day. The only remedy for China is to come out with truth and not rhetorics and learn to embrace the global reality that it has resurgent Bharat as its neighbor and any kind of muscling around will only result New Delhi closing its doors to Beijing forever. For us our Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty is the last latch and if Beijing is insistent on the latching then it will only add misery to the mammoth list of problems it is facing now.

Written exclusively for #ICRR

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