It’s All About China: India Strengthens Ties With Israel and The UAE

by Micha Gefen

Wit China’s expansion nearly unstoppable, a new alliance appears to be forming in a bid to strengthen the counterweight to the Communist regime’s growing global hegemony.

China and India have been enemies off and on for centuries. With China threatening Taiwan and gaining control of Afghanistan through the Taliban, India’s Modi has opted to make his geo-political alliance with Israel even stronger. The Indian FM is in Israel for a strategic visit and the foreign ministers of Israel, India, the UAE, and the USA recently met over Zoom.

China has always played a multi-level war with its enemies – merging technology with economic dominance and finally military. With the USA in decline, India’s role as an emerging economy and technology hug is an important component in pushing back on Chinese dominance.

For Israel and the UAE, there is a dual purpose to the burgeoning alliance with India – Iran. Both Israel and the UAE need to widen the circle of powerful friends in dealing with the Islamist regime. India and Iran have had a working relationship for years, but India may be asked to drop it as the alliance grows. If so it would go far in isolating Iran.

The world is in flux and alliances are shifting. The growing relationship between India, the UAE, and Israel appears to be the biggest geopolitical story in recent months.

Col. Kemp

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