MSNBC Host Attacks a LIBERAL…Because he is White

by Phil Schneider

“An old angry white man” – that is the characterization of a woman who thinks that since she is black, she can use identity politics and destroy anyone for one simple reason – she is black, and he is not. There is widespread racism that is alive today – from black woke people against white people. Anybody who criticizes anyone who is a black liberal is a white supremacist.

The pro-Black Lives Matter attitude today is one that says that white men are privileged and therefore should have no say about anything that relates to black people. Why? Because they just don’t understand….After all, all of the evil things that exist in America go back to the racist underpinnings of the United States.

Well, that entire mindset is one big lie. OK – not a 100% lie, but it is a a 99% lie. Yes, there were indeed some anti-Black attitudes for the first 80+ years of the United States of America. But, America fought a Civil War, largely about this issue, and abolished slavery. Yes, that did not take care of anti-Black attitudes. But it was a major step in the right direction – for the entire world. It did take another 100 years till the Civil Rights movement brought America to another major step forward and black people – once and for all – became equal citizens across the country. But since the 70’s and onward, over the last 50 years, any argument that posits that the United States is an essentially racist country is one big lie. The United States, like any other country with millions of people will certainly have it’s pockets of racists, neo-Nazis, pedophiles, anti-Semites, etc… But to argue that America is a racist country is to argue that America is a country of pedophiles or a country of anti-Semites.

That is such a gross exaggeration that it amounts to one big lie. America is a great country. Let’s get over this identity politics that blames the policemen and not the criminals. If even the avowed liberal Bill Maher is a racist, then the prevalent mindset in the United States is really going off the deep end.

Dr. Risch

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