In the center of the Galilee lies caves that will take your breath away

by Michael Sax

Keshet Cave is one of Israel’s hidden wonders. Its awe inspiring views will leave you breathless as you soak in one of Israel’s hidden treasures.

Amazing views from Keshet Cave

Keshet Cave, located at the highest point in the Western Galilee, has some of the most beautiful views in Israel. When one stands at the top and looks out on a clear day, they can see the sparkling Mediterranean Sea as well as Akko, Haifa, Nahariya.  Basically, you can see the entire Galilee, and even into Lebanon. Once a real cave, the ceiling of the cave eroded away thousands of years ago and only left an arch. The Hebrew word for arch is “keshet”, which gives Keshet Cave its name.

Keshet Cave myth

An old legend about the cave describes a band of thieves who lived in the cave and attacked travelers nearby. One of the thieves dreamed that a prophet came to him and instructed him to change his ways.  When they woke up, the bandit relayed his dream to his fellow thieves.

As can be expected, they laughed him off and continued to steal from travelers. The thief who dreamed continued his efforts in hope of changing his fellows. However the band of robbers didn’t change, and even schemed to get rid of the reformed bandit. They promised him that they would do one final heist on a large convoy which was approaching. The reformed bandit was to stand guard at the top of the cave. The robbers sneaked up to him from behind with the goal of pushing him off the cave to his death below. However, just then, the roof of the cave collapsed with all the evil thieves on top.  Only the reformed bandit and the arch where he stood survived to tell the tale.

Whether the myth is fact or fiction, one thing is true – Keshet Cave’s beauty is one of a kind. The next time you visit Israel, make sure to stop by the cave!

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