Netanyahu Finishes Historic Visit in DC, Overcoming Ongoing Investigations Back in Israel

by Avi Abelow

President Trump the Great

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a monumental Washington DC visit for the AIPAC conference that climaxed with a meeting with President Donald Trump.

PM Netanyahu summed up the historic nature of this recent trip in the following two sentences:
1. He compared President Trump to King Cyrus the Great of Persia! Netanyahu told President Trump that the Jewish people have a long memory. Just as the Jewish people remember King Cyrus for allowing the Jews to return and rebuild our Temple, two thousand five hundred years ago, so too the Jewish people will remember President Trump for thousands of years, for cementing the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by moving the US Embassy.

Watch the video:

Significant Meeting

PM Netanyahu uttered this second sentence in a Hebrew video he posted on social media for the Israeli public. Netanyahu was responding to the ongoing political witchhunt against him by some in the Israeli law enforcement and left-wing media:
2. Netanyahu said that “those who are out to get me will continue their work and I will continue my historical work here in Washington DC for the State of Israel. The future will tell how important this visit was for the security of the State of Israel

It sounds like the meeting between Netanyhau and Trump was truly significant. While neither Netanyahu or Trump have gone public with the details of what was discussed, we all look forward to seeing positive developments.

While Iran continues to gain strength in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, much needs to be done to make the region more secure. And more that needs to be done to stop Iran’s growing aggression in the region that threatens global security.

Trip Highlights

Here are more highlights posted by the Prime Minister from this historic visit.

Netanyahu: ” I explained in DC that every place Israel has left, radical Islam has taken over. Israel left Lebanon and the Hizbullah replaced us. Israel left Gaza and Hamas replaced us. Therefore, Israel must always be in security control over all the area West of the Jordan river.”

Watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Full speech at AIPAC:

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