IDF Soldiers Stop Terror Attack & Save Lives Near Hebron

by Avi Abelow

Another terror attack, this time stopped by the IDF. A 26 year old Muslim man tried to become a “martyr” by murdering innocent Jewish civilians. Instead he was shot by the IDF. The person filming him lying on the ground is cursing him out for the filthy, despicable human being that he is.

Saved Lives

IDF soldiers stationed near the ancient Jewish city of Hebron saw the terrorist try to stab innocent civilians. The IDF soldiers acted quickly and shot him.  They lightly wounded him and thus stopped him from stabbing the civilians. No IDF soldiers were injured.

The terrorist was evacuated for medical treatment.

Pay for Slay

This terrorist will now receive a fat paycheck from the Palestinian Authority for himself and his family. Since he was unsuccessful in killing any Jews, the check won’t be such a high payment. The pay scale is according to how many Jews they kill and injure. Since this terrorist did not succeed in killing or injuring anyone, his payment will be low.

This is how the Palestinian Authority uses international aid – to pay terrorists.

What else does the world need to designate the Palestinian Authority a terror supporting entity? Why does the Western world continue giving “aid” to an entity that educates and rewards terror?

Thankfully the USA, under President Trump, passed the Taylor Force Act that withholds financial aid to the Palestinian Authority so long as it continues to pay terrorists. But why are the UN, EU and Western “moral” countries silent about this? They are a disgrace.

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