Pittsburgh’s pro-hockey team makes a powerful video supporting the Jewish community

by Leah Rosenberg

People of different religions and organizations have reached out to the Jewish people since the Pittsburgh Massacre. Even Pittsburgh’s pro-hockey team!

Tragedy Hits Pittsburgh

It has been on the news. It has been shared on social media. On a Sabbath morning in October 2018, an anti-semite barged into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and murdered 11 Jewish people. He brought hate into a community of love. The Jewish people are not new to experiencing such hate. But each and every time, it hurts just as much. It is just as painful. And the pain, sadly, keeps getting worse.

When there is so much hate in the world, it is hard to have hope.

But then when different people of various religions reach out to the Jewish community, it fills Jews all over the world with indestructible hope. And when Pittsburgh’s pro-hockey team supports the Jewish community as well, feelings of love once again permeate the air.

Pittsburgh’s Pro-Hockey team

Th pro-hockey team in Pittsburgh is called the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins wanted to show support for the Squirrel Hill community after the vicious antisemitic attack in a synagogue that destroyed so many lives. When a pro-sports team wants to show such love to the Jewish community, it is truly special.

And that is why the video that they made is so meaningful and powerful.

Each and every person, community, organization, religion and group that reaches out to the Jewish community is remarkable.

And none of their actions go unnoticed.

Let the world keep spreading this love to overcome the hate.


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