IDF Soldiers Shoot Hebron Terrorist who Attempted to Stab Them

by Avi Abelow

Today a terrorist from Hebron ran towards IDF soldiers attempting to stab them. The terrorist was the local postman! Thankfully IDF soldiers stopped him and shot him before he was able to hurt any of the IDF soldiers or the family members of the Jewish home he escaped into.

A video filmed at the scene showed the attacker lying on the ground in the entrance hall of the building with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the chest. The knife was seen on the ground several feet away from him.

Thankfully this time they shot the horrible terrorist dead! No jail, no conjugal visits, no TV privileges, no opportunity to study towards college degrees in college either, and no chance of him being freed! Unfortunately, his family will now receive pay to slay money for attempting to murder Jews.

What Happened?

The Muslim terrorist, Yaser Fawzi Shwaiki, from Hebron attempted to stab Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint. The soldiers rebuffed his attack and then chased the terrorist as he ran into a Jewish home still holding the knife. The soldiers shot and killed him before he succeeded in stabbing anybody.

“IDF soldiers spotted the terrorist armed with a knife as he ran toward them. The soldiers pushed the terrorist back as he tried to run into a nearby civilian building. The soldiers shot the terrorist, thwarting the attack, and he was killed,” the military said.

After a confrontation with soldiers, the assailant was said to have fled toward a nearby residential building “while still armed with a knife.”

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