IDF Killed 3 Gaza Terrorists who Infiltrated Gaza/Israel Border Fence

by Avi Abelow

The IDF killed 3 Gaza terrorists who cut through the Gaza fence to infiltrate into Israel. The IDF will continue to do everything to stop these Gaza terror attacks the media is labeling “peaceful”.

What Happened

Sunday night a number of Gaza terrorists attempted to cut through the Gaza fence and attack Israelis.

In one incident the IDF stopped the terrorists as they were cutting through the fence. In a second incident, the IDF shot 2 terrorists who succeeded in cutting through the fence and then threw molotov cocktails at the IDF forces. The final incident of the night the IDF stopped 2 terrorists who cut through the fence armed with knives. The IDF shot and killed three of the terrorists.

Hamas has been holding massive “March of Return” protests for five consecutive weeks to garner international attention and sympathy. But these marches people stroming the fence throwing rocks, molotov cocktails and kites with bombs, are a cover for even more serious terror activities. Their real goal is to destroy the border fence, infiltrate into Israel and storm en masse into Israel to then murder Israelis.

The infiltrations on Sunday night did not occur in a vacuum. The IDF has been steadfastly defending Israel’s border to stop this from escalating even more. The media continues to portray these Gaza protests as “peaceful” but it is clear that these protests are anything but “peaceful”.

This is how the events escalated

Israel must protect its border from the Hamas Gaza terror. Every country has the basic right to protect its border from violence that threatens her citizens.

The media coverage of these events is the true tragedy. The media continuously blames Israel for injuring and killing protestors trying to cause Israel harm. This is not just tragic, this is a disgrace to world media.


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