IDF destroys terrorist’s home again after PA paid to rebuild it

by Avi Abelow

Israel has used the tactic of home demolition many times. People have different opinions on it, but one thing is clear: The PA does not want peace!

Background Information

In May 2018, a terrorist by the name of Islam Yousef Abu Hamid dropped a heavy stone on St. Sgt. Ronen Lubarsky as the IDF was carrying out a mission in Ramallah’s al-Am’ari refugee camp. Sadly, Lubarsky died a couple days later.

To punish the terrorist and hopefully deter further terrorism, the IDF demolished Abu Hamid’s house in December 2018. Does destroying the terrorist’s home really deter terrorists? It seems not. The terrorists do not care about life. But the problem is more than that. The problem is that the Palestinian Authority pays to rebuild these homes because the Palestinian Arab leadership encourages terrorism!

Home Demolition and Peace

Home demolition does not stop terrorists from carrying out attacks, especially because the PA will give the money to rebuild the home. The PA has made it clear that they do not want peace. It would be one thing if Israel were to destroy a terrorist’s home and if the PA agreed and encouraged home demolition. But the opposite could not be more true! The PA just continues to incite violence. They continue to fund terrorism and encourage Palestinian Arabs to murder innocent Jews.

And if that is the situation, which it is, then by no means will home demolition be the only solution.

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