Ben Shapiro thrown off the Temple Mount for praying

by Leah Rosenberg

Ben Shapiro is not the first one to be thrown off the Temple Mount. Sadly, the Muslims always discriminate against Jews and Christians who come there. Why exactly the Muslim Waqf has control over the Temple Mount is a whole other matter and an absurdity that should be corrected. But, this is a place where the status quo is the core of the problem, but nearly everyone is scared to rock the boat.

Thrown off the Temple Mount

You would think that to get thrown off the Temple Mount, someone must have done something terrible! Rioting? Rock throwing? Violence? Actually, apparently prayer is a crime and warrants the Waqf to force Jews and Christians to leave the Temple Mount.

The discrimination is constant. Jews have been forced off the holy site. Christians have been forced to stop praying. And the international world? Well, they just stay silent. Because if the discrimination is not against Muslims, they have nothing to say. Their agenda will be ruined!

Prayer is NOT a Crime!

Let’s get something straight – prayer is not a crime. The Muslims treat it as one while they riot and act violently on the Temple Mount. When Jews and Christians come to pray peacefully, the Muslims on the Temple Mount react as if a murder is taking place before their eyes.

The Temple Mount is the location of the Jewish Temples which stood thousands of years ago and where the third and final Temple will soon be rebuilt again. What gives the Muslims the right to control who goes there to pray? They built the Dome of the Rock ON TOP of where the Jewish Temple was! The Temple came first, many hundreds of years before the Muslim religion began! What about indigenous rights? If only more people could see the truth…

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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