IDF Chief of Staff Issues Critical Coronavirus Guidelines for Everyone

by Avi Abelow

Due to the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, the IDF has carefully examined the situation and in accordance with recommendations from the Ministry of Health has implemented a series of measures to minimize the virus’ impact on the IDF.

Here are some of the guidelines Chief of the General Staff LTG Aviv Kohavi has instructed the IDF to follow.

Netanyahu Issues New Guidelines Tonight in the war against the Coronavirus:

  1. The govt approved the use of digital tracking to locate and track the virus, for now, the approval was given only for 30 days, and cannot be used for anything else, we have to keep our privacy rights
  2. Public services will be cutting back on workers
  3. Private sector workforce will be cut down by 70% and sent home till after the holidays on leave or work from home
  4. Offices with up to 10 people can work normally if everyone keeps a 2-meter distance
  5. Critical services (supermarkets, food companies, emergency services, etc) will continue full force
  6. Public transportation will continue running though there will be changes and check the Ministry of Transportation website for updates

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