5 Palestinian Authority Youth Raped a Dutch Tourist Outside Bethlehem

by Avi Abelow

As reported in the Arab press, five people raped a Dutch tourist in the community of Beit Jala, outside Bethlehem. As can be seen in the video, they tied up and beat up her tour guide. They then took turns raping her.

Translated from the Arab press: Five youth from the villages of Battir and Nahhalin lured a Dutch tourist and her tour guide, from the town of Al-Ubeidiya, to the Makhour area in the town of Beit Jala, and there they restricted the tourist guide, and took turns raping the foreign tourist.

Sources said that there are attempts to transfer the case to the tribal judiciary, so that the perpetrators pay money in exchange for their release.

She explained that the five men were accused in a rape case previously.

The sources confirmed that the five people were arrested by the Palestinian security services and the legal procedures against them are proceeding according to the law, pointing out that there are attempts by a tribal intervention in the case to contain it.

Citizens on social media expressed their indignation and condemnation of this horrific crime demanding that the harshest sanctions be imposed on the perpetrators.

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