Israel Responds To Gaza Rocket Fire By Destroying Hamas Base

by Micha Gefen

Jihadists from the Gaza Strip fired rockets at Israel on Shabbat at 3:12 in the morning. One of the rockets was intercepted.

The IDF quickly responded to the rocket fire by destroying Hamas’ “Salah A-Din” base in the eastern neighborhood of Zitan in Gaza city.

Thankfully no one in Israel was injured by the rocket fire. However, the attack is the first of such in quite some time and appears to be linked to the government’s uncertain future.

Jihadists in the Gaza Strip often times launch attacks when it appears that Israel is about to enter political turbulence. Given that there is a Muslim Brotherhood party in the coalition, which is a first for Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are perhaps trying to instigate chaos in order for Ra’am to exit the coalition, and bring about it’s demise.

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