Another Attack in Huwara: Jewish Victim Survives By A Miracle

by David Mark

Marine Veteran and IDF trainer David Stern was traveling with his wife and three of their children from their homestead just outside Itamar to Jerusalem via Huwara, when an arab terrorist opened fired at point blank range at their car.

The first reports said that David was hit in the head at point blank range. Most people feared the worst. The arab street began to celebrate by handing out candies. Then a miracle happened. Despite the 21 bullets that hit the car, the bullet that hit David Stern grazed the back of his head and entered into his arm. No one else in the car was hit.

Stern not only wrapped a tourniquet around his head, but got out of the car and fired on the terrorist – injuring him. His bravery saved his family and potentially other Jewish drivers in the area. Stern was brought to Bilinson Hospital where the doctors stated that he was in stable condition.

Huwara has become the most dangerous point in all of Israel. Two Jews were killed there more than 10 days ago and now this near assassination. tens of bricks and rocks are thrown there daily and yet the Supreme Court has continuously prevented the IDF from shutting down the village.

Any wonder why the right has been arguing for judicial reform?

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