Hundreds protest in Times Square demanding removal of Ilhan Omar

by Leah Rosenberg

People are voicing their opinions about a terrible antisemite in Congress. Publicly – at a protest in Times square! But will this lead to any real change?

Protest in Times Square

Having a protest in Times Square is pretty common. It is the perfect location to get people’s attention. And especially when it is an issue like this one, it is important to get EVERYONE’S attention.

The protestors called for Ilhan Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee. They held signs that listed a website: “,” and “Ilhan Omar endangers America and Israel!” The group’s mission was to put up a billboard requesting her removal. Although they did not succeed in getting city approval, they had a truck with the billboard instead.

Those Who Support Omar…

Ilhan Omar is an antisemite. That is so clear, it is absurd when people say otherwise. She has said completely antisemitic comments because she IS an antisemite! Omar has compared Israel to Iran. She has said that Israel hypnotizes the world.

And then you have people who say, “I believe that Representative Omar is a Progressive champion. She fights for justice and liberation for all of us…I think that the folks across the street have a vile, racist, Islamophobic agenda.” That could not be farther from the truth. Ilhan Omar fights for her radical beliefs. That is all. And the “folks across the street” are not Islamophobic. They are not against Muslims. They are against RADICAL Muslims who are trying to take over the United States. That is something that EVERY American should be against.

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