This Man Silenced Every Muslim Apologist

by Phil Schneider

One can say whatever they want about the issues about the radical Muslim threat to society. One can call it fringe. One can call it exaggerated. But one thing is crystal clear. It exists – and it is a big deal – whether or not it is a fringe or exaggerated phenomenon.

Pat Condell uses clear-headed – no nonsense logic. He doesn’t mince words, and doesn’t attempt to be politically correct. He just says it like it is – with a sharpness that is harsh.

Political Correctness

Today’s political discourse is filled with political correctness. Due to the fear of sounding insensitive, people don’t say what needs to be said. People simply speak around the truth instead of saying it like it is. This is not a positive phenomenon. One of the reasons that some people found candidate Donald Trump refreshing is the way that he speaks – straight talk. Even those who don’t like his style appreciate the fact that at least you know where he stands. But in today’s politically charged atmosphere, very often, basic truths are avoided in order to not hurt feelings.

We need to get back to the norms in England. Yes – in England. There, political discourse is much more pointed and direct. People know what their opponents think and people respectfully (usually) disagree. It is better that we know where we each stand even if some feelings are hurt in the process, than just dance around the truth and never really get anywhere in the conversation.

Pat Condell is controversial. But he doesn’t dance around. That is refreshing.

Amplify The Truth

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